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Committed to Excellence


Frank Vaughn
Interim K-12 Science & Technology Coordinator
(631) 650-8392

About the Science Department

The goal of the Islip Public School District Science Department is to establish an engaging science program that will educate students to become scientifically literate citizens for an ever-changing world. The department will continually focus on supporting students through effective teaching practices based on the New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS). Information regarding NYSSLS can be found on the link to the left.

At the elementary level, students in the Islip School District learn to think, read, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers through the Amplify Science program. Each unit of Amplify Science engages students in a relevant, real-world problem where they investigate scientific phenomena, engage in collaboration and discussion, and develop models or explanations in order to arrive at solutions. Students at Islip Middle School dive deeper into the science and engineering practices and are exposed to more complex science concepts and curriculum to prepare them for Regents level courses. IMS Science students have access to the Discovery Education Techbook, an interactive, online resource allowing students engage in real-world phenomena investigation and learning.

At Islip High School, students have the opportunity to take many courses in science, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses and dual-college credit courses. Students can also elect to take part in the STEM Academy, a three-year program where students can gain enrichment in the STEM fields as well as experience in conducting authentic scientific research through the AP Capstone program. A course sequence has been provided to left as well so that students and parents can plan ahead to see which courses to take in each year at Islip High School.


Frank Vaughn
K-12 Science Coordinator