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Welcome to Commack Road Elementary School

300 Commack Road
Islip, NY 11751

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School Hours: 9:15 a.m. – 3:15 p.m

Telephone Directory

Main Office: (631) 650-8600
Fax: (631) 650-8608
Principal’s Office: (631) 650-8605
Nurse’s Office: (631) 650-8625
Nurse's Office Fax: (631) 650-8628
Attendance: (631) 650-8610


Principal's Message


As I write this final tribute to the wonderful children of Commack Road, who bring a smile to my face each and every day, I am filled with tears of joy which are tempered with tears of sadness.

The overwhelming joy is that I pass the leadership of this marvelous school to an outstanding and accomplished leader, Mr. James Cameron, the current Assistant Principal of the Islip Middle School. The sadness I experience is the loss of my daily interactions with your greatest treasure, your beloved children.

The faculty, which is the heart and soul of your school was meticulously, and professionally crafted by your beloved principal, Mrs. Jeannette Feminella. Her, "quest for the best" forged a school driven to achieve as daily we, "Welcome Friends" just as she would greet all the children each day. The main office is diligent and efficient thanks to Mrs. Branch and Mrs. Splaine who are the gatekeepers of safety for your children. Our head custodian, Mr. DeChirico, is a marvel and model for cleanliness and efficiency. Last but not least, we recognize of our wonderful PTA who's caring and dedication makes our school the vibrant enjoyable place children look forward to coming each day. These qualities, have given license and empowerment to all the employees who have created this outstanding school.

As for the professional staff assembled through the years, I can now say unequivocally that they are the finest and most caring group I have encountered through my 43 years in education ranging from teacher to Superintendent.

The teachers have much to be proud of in terms of their goals achieved this year.
  • An outstanding Departmentalization Program in Fifth Grade.
  • Creation of a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) room.
  • Implementation of CRES TV in the cafeteria and lobby due to the able assistance of Mr. Mike Baur.
  • Forged and enhanced cultural awareness through Diversity Night spearheaded by Mrs. Jenn Beck.
  • Re-configured the grade level and constellation of the building for a safer school and time maximized to increase instruction.
  • Forging an alliance with the parents and community as they are greeted each day with an inviting and user friendly lobby.

As you enter the building for graduation this June, you will see a BEAUTIFUL mural created by your talented loving children under the supervision of your innovative Art Teacher Mrs. Bethany Majestic. Numerous children of many cultures are depicted along with the lyrics from the Crosby, Stills & Nash song "Wooden Ships" as they sing, "If you smile at me I will understand, because that is something everybody everywhere does in the same language."

I will fondly exit CRES on June 30th with this "smile" for innumerable reasons. However, the one treasured thought recently articulated by a wonderful mom will forever be embedded in my heart. This caring individual took me aside and said, "Mr. McCarthy, I know you are sad to leave, but it is OK now, there is children's laughter in the halls once again." This heartfelt comment without a doubt is the greatest complement of my life and a goal every principal strives to achieve! Thank you for sharing the gift of your children with me each day!

Brian McCarthy

A Day of Red, White and Blue at Commack Road

A Day of Red, White and Blue at Commack Road 1

Urged on by the patriotic tones of the CRES TrebleMakers vocal ensemble, performing the national anthem and “America the Beautiful,” Commack Road celebrated Flag Day with a sea of red, white and blue.  Special guests included Suffolk County Legislator Tom Cilmi, Islip Town Councilman Steve Flotteron and Roby Johnson, the commander of American Legion Rusy Bohm Post 411.

Principal Brian McCarthy presented student contest awards – one for each grade – to third-grader Amanda Owen, fourth-grader Amy Marconi and fifth-grader Carly Herrington, as well as an academic award to Ryan Kelly and a music award to Rebecca Leo.

A ‘Mysterious’ Source of Inspiration for EXCEL

Fourth-graders in the EXCEL program used Chris Van Allsburg’s unusual 1984 picture book “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick” as inspiration to write their own mysteries to accompany an illustration from the book.

Crime-Solving Chromatography with EXCEL

As part of a recent unit of study on mysteries, “crime”-solving fourth-graders in the EXCEL program used chromatography skills to determine who wrote a forged note.   

Cameron Takes Over as Principal at Commack Road


Commack Road has a new principal, James Cameron, who will take over on July 1 from Acting Principal Brian McCarthy.

Since February 2014, Cameron has served with distinction as the assistant principal of Islip Middle School. Prior to joining Islip, Cameron taught seventh and eighth grades at the Walter Ward School in Queens for seven years, and also served as a staff developer and professional development organizer for that school. He began his teaching career in 2003 in the Brentwood School District, working as a permanent substitute and teaching assistant at the Frank J. Cannon Southeast Elementary and East Kindergarten Center.

A resident of East Northport, Cameron earned his bachelor’s degree in childhood education at Five Towns College, his master’s degree in education at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, and his advanced certificates in educational leadership from Queens College.

“I am thrilled and excited to be selected as the leader of Commack Road Elementary,” said Cameron. “As principal, I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure that all children flourish and succeed at CRES and in life.”

Commack Road Says Goodbye, Mr. McCarthy


Brian McCarthy, the acting principal of Commack Road, will exit the building for the final time on June 30, making way for newly appointed Principal James Cameron.

Commack Road has thrived under McCarthy’s leadership, and the staff successfully completed the implementation of a number of initiatives during his tenure, including the full integration of an outstanding fifth-grade departmentalization program; the creation of a STEAM room dedicated to science, technology, engineering, the arts and math; the implementation of CRES TV in the cafeteria and lobby; an enhancement of cultural awareness through Diversity Night; and the reconfiguration of the grade level and constellation of the building, making it safer and maximizing instruction time.

McCarthy is thrilled to pass the leadership of Commack Road on to Cameron, but is filled with both joy and sadness about leaving Islip.

“The sadness I experience is the loss of my daily interactions with your greatest treasure, your beloved children,” he said.

He praised the faculty and staff at the school and districtwide.

“I can now say unequivocally that they are the finest and most caring group I have encountered through my 43 years in education,” he said.

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