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Committed to Excellence
Committed to Excellence

Welcome to Islip Middle School

211 Main Street
Islip NY 11751

School Hours: 8:20 a.m. – 2:24 p.m.

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Timothy P. Martin
Bryan Miltenberg
Assistant Principal
 Islip Middle School Staff



Principal's Message

October 2017

Welcome Visitors, 

What memorable first days at Islip Middle School. The children are settling into new routines with their friends and teachers.  It was great so many parents were able to attend Meet the Teacher Night. We have placed on the eBoard the Meet the Teacher video as well as the AIS presentation for your review. 

There was a good deal of work this past summer at the Middle School as we began to wrap up the Bond. The big-ticket items included numerous bathroom renovations, HVAC installations, the auditorium and stage retro fit.
As a new school year begins, it is important to ask our parents for help in promoting student safety.  Many students are allowed to explore all the Islip community has to offer once school lets out.  It is essential that students understand that Main Street is a busy road and that crossing at walkways and streetlights are imperative.  Students are not permitted to take late bus transportation if they are patronizing the vendors and shops on Main Street; transportation is available for students who participate in IMS clubs and other school-sponsored activities.  During the regularly scheduled school day, students cannot leave school grounds for any reason. 
When students come back to school for events, they should know that they are there to support classmates and represent our school, and we look forward to the model behavior we have come to know and appreciate. 
The Middle School keeps a current eBoard with a variety of information.  Visit us on the Islip School District website, Twitter, and Facebook.  There are many activities for every child to be involved in.  Our after school clubs begin in October.  See the Middle School eBoard for club/activity information.
Lastly, we are excited about the fun children have while they celebrate Halloween.  Children are welcome to dress up during the day on Halloween.  Please refer to the costume guidelines in this newsletter so we can continue our tradition in a fun, appropriate IMS manner. 

Timothy P. Martin, 



Middle Schoolers Spend Scientific Day at the River

Middle Schoolers Spend Scientific Day at the River

The sun was shining on Oct. 13 as AnnMarie Mills’ and Sue Lange’s life science students from the middle school put on their waders to participate in the annual “A Day in the Life of a River” field trip. With the help of natural resource experts and several other middle school teachers, the eighth-graders engaged in hands-on citizen science exploration at the Carlls River in Babylon.

“A Day in the Life” features students exploring and collecting firsthand information to learn how their river fits into the larger ecosystem. Students examine the physical and chemical aspects of each aquatic ecosystem, such as salinity, the amount of sediments, nitrates, phosphates and oxygen levels in the water, as well as conduct biodiversity inventories of the flora and fauna in and around the rivers and estuary from the headwaters to the mouth of the river. Their work helps to determine the health of the aquatic ecosystem and biodiversity of the Carlls River.

“This year, our students really enjoyed using a variety of nets – including a seining net, dip nets and a cast net – to capture fresh water critters such as crayfish, bluegills, pumpkinseed fish and a largemouth bass,” said Mills. “The students were thrilled to put the equipment to good use.”

The event is coordinated jointly by Brookhaven National Laboratory; Central Pine Barrens Commission; New York State Department of Environmental Conservation; New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation; Seatuck Environmental Association; and Suffolk County Water Authority.

“’‘A Day in the Life’ helps students develop an appreciation for and knowledge of Long Island’s river and estuary ecosystems and collect useful scientific data,” said program coordinator Melissa Griffiths Parrott. “It teaches students to become stewards of water quality and connected to Suffolk County’s spectacular natural resources.”

“This program is a perfect vehicle for teachers to integrate various disciplines including math, media, social studies and science into their curriculum,” said co-coordinator Mel Morris, special projects manager at Brookhaven National Laboratory’s office of educational programs. “These activities are examples of authentic science research and mirror the way scientist collect and analyze.”

Middle Schoolers Display Leadership at Spooktacular

Middle Schoolers Display Leadership at Spooktacular

Led by teachers Kaitlin Rooney and Christine Sheridan, the middle school’s student government hosted its second Halloween Spooktacular on Oct. 30, attracting hundreds of the district’s elementary school students who participated in festive games and crafts at various Halloween-themed stations. Each station was run by a group of student government members in collaboration with National Junior Honor Society students, while candy and Halloween decorations were donated by student volunteers.

“All volunteers took ownership of their stations and excitedly decorated before the event,” said Rooney. “It was great to see our student government members taking on a leadership role and assisting the elementary school students during each activity.” 

“Middle and elementary students all had a blast,” said Assistant Principal Bryan Miltenberg. “It is an incredible contribution to the community.”

EXCEL Students Solve Problems with Planks

EXCEL Students Solve Problems with Planks

Students in Islip’s EXCEL program recently created a ramp using KEVA Planks, cube-shaped wooden block toys that are increasingly utilized in schools, libraries, museums and maker spaces as teaching tools for various subjects. The experience helped the students learn that the same task can be solved in endless ways.

“KEVA Planks are more than just fun building blocks – they can be used to teach STEAM objectives and help students problem solve,” said EXCEL program coordinator Julia Johnson.

Team-Building and Trail Hiking Invigorate Sixth-Graders

Team-Building and Trail Hiking Invigorate Sixth-Graders 1
Team-Building and Trail Hiking Invigorate Sixth-Graders 2
Team-Building and Trail Hiking Invigorate Sixth-Graders 3
Sixth-graders from the middle school recently traveled with staff and parents to Sunken Meadow State Park for ecological learning and invigorating team-building activities.

A two-mile hike introduced students to different species of trees and landforms, and they conducted a soil study to see the impact that humans have on the environment. Compasses and path markers were used to guide them through the hike. They also used electronic microscopes to examine samples from a nearby lake to test if the water was healthy or polluted.

The students spent part of their day interacting with each other in team-building games and a rope course facilitated by the school’s physical education staff,

“They had a great hands-on time spending the day outdoors,” said teacher Laura Rondinella.

Islip Honors Hispanic Heritage

Islip Honors Hispanic Heritage

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, the district honored five Hispanic, Hispanic heritage and Hispanic American students who have demonstrated civic and community engagement at different levels.

High school senior Brianna Sanchez, middle school eighth-grader Desiree Pagan, Commack Road fifth-grader Nicole Matute, Sherwood fifth-grader Jose Ruiz Segura and Wing kindergartner Jayden Guevara-Jandres were recognized at the Oct. 24 Board of Education meeting, held at the middle school library. In attendance to congratulate the honorees were Suffolk County legislators Tom Cilmi and Monica Martinez.

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