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wing imageWelcome to Wing Elementary School

Winganhauppauge Road
Islip, NY 11751

School Hours: 9:45 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

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Main Office: (631) 650-8450
Fax: (631) 650-8458
Principal’s Office: (631) 650-8455
Health Office: (631) 650-8475
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Full Remote Learning Option (K-5)



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      Michael Giacchetto, Principal


Principal's Message

Welcome to Wing Elementary School! Wing Elementary School is the only primary school in the Islip School District. Islip education begins at Wing and over 340 students are welcomed in both kindergarten and first grade classes. The staff at Wing works tirelessly to ensure that the first educational experience of our youngest learners exists in a healthy, safe and supportive learning environment. Wing is dedicated to the District's Mission Statement: "The Islip Schools, in partnership with the community, will empower all students to achieve excellence." Our goal is to foster a learning environment where students feel appreciated, validated, respected and acknowledged. Wing welcomes all types of learners and the staff creates an environment conducive to each students' learning style. Students are given personal learning pathways that will allow them to acquire and retain the knowledge and skills to help them grow. Differentiating instruction creates these unique pathways that allow teachers to meet individual needs of students. This is done with the goal of engaging our students and helping them to develop a love of learning.

Healthy connections between the school and families gives students a greater opportunity to be successful. When schools and families work together, children do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more. Wing is committed to working with families to create learning experiences that are lasting and meaningful.

Michael Giacchetto, Ed.D.

Islip’s Schools Celebrate the Legacy of MLK

Islip’s Schools Celebrate the Legacy of MLK thumbnail180132

The profound and lasting legacy of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was celebrated throughout the Islip School District in January.

Kristine O’Malley’s kindergarten and first -grade classes at Wing read stories about Dr. King, learning about fairness and respecting differences, and learned a short song about the civil rights leader.

Before reading a biography written by Dr. King’s niece, Marc Segal’s fifth-grade class at Sherwood passed around a cup of M&Ms, posing the question, “What is the tastiest color M&M?”

“After the read-aloud and class discussion, we arrived at the conclusion that regardless of their color, all M&Ms taste the same,” Segal said. “This was a metaphor for the ideas of equality that Dr. King stood for.”

Ted Dieumegard and Jenna Laura’s fourth-grade class at Commack Road participated in an activity based on four of Dr. King’s quotes. The teachers read the quotes to the students, asked them what they thought they meant, and then clarified their meanings, if necessary. The students then chose the single quote that meant the most to them and explained why.

Fourth graders in Meghan Flynn and Christine LeMaire’s Commack Road class read Doreen Rappaport’s book “Martin’s Big Words,” a “Scholastic News” magazine article about Dr. King and the March on Washington, and a short biography on Dr. King, then worked on posters illustrating important events in his life and his dream.

“Since January is Kindness Month at Commack Road, we used that a buildingwide springboard for students to learn about Dr. King,” said LeMaire. “It helped to draw correlations about how he inspired others to rethink their thoughts, behaviors and way they live. To bring us back to the idea of kindness, compassion and empathy for others school counselor Sara Comiskey presented scenarios to our class to act out and discuss. We had a great day learning about such an important figure who changed history.”